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Small Wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Updated: May 3, 2023

beach wedding puerto rico

Intimate Wedding at Vivo Beach Club, San Juan

Zulmarie and Raimundo's wedding was extremely beautiful. They made their wedding in such a way that they could share it with their closest family and friends. In fact, although we were working, we felt as if we were part of their guests. Being a small and intimate wedding, it gave us the opportunity to have more time to capture important details before the ceremony and reception.

Our day began when we went to the Courtyard Isla Verde hotel, and took pictures of Raimundo while he was getting ready. Then we go to Zulmarie's room. In both cases, we were able to capture some beautiful images together with their parents and wedding witnesses, as well as their accessories, bouquet, boutonniere, wedding invitation, and their vows. When we finished with Zulmarie, Raimundo was already downstairs waiting Zulmarie for their "first look".

We went with Rai to the back of the hotel, so Jafet and I could stand at different angles to capture the bride and groom's reactions. It was a super exciting and happy moment. Those feelings never stopped throughout the day of their wedding, and we loved that, because both their guests and us felt happy and excited.

Arriving at Vivo Beach Club, we noticed that the decoration and atmosphere were super refreshing and elegant. Beautiful white roses, blue candles, rustic white chairs, wooden hand fans, the "fuchsia" color flowers that decorated the area, the saxophonist with classical music and the sunset, gave that touch to make their wedding dreamlike.

The ceremony began. Rai and Zul said their vows where there were tears and laughter. It was another super emotional moment. They exchanged rings, declared them husband and wife and became the Villanueva Bermúdez family. After greeting with their family and friends, we went with them to the beach, which was right in front of us, to take those important "Golden Hour" photos.

From there, it was a big party. From the dinner, the speeches and the dance. Zul and Rai finished their day in one that will always remember and we are happy to be able to tell their story.

With love,

Jafet & Zulem

Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Dress- Jean Cintron

Makeup Artist- Janeece Velazquez

Decoration-NC Flower Design

Invitations- Paper Crafts

Saxophonist- Nathanael Perez


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