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5 reasons why eloping might be the best decision you ever make

Updated: May 3, 2023

We love Big Weddings! But we also love intimate, adventure elopements. Here we list 5 reasons why you should considering eloping.

1. It will be the adventure of a lifetime. Your focus will be on the experience, not on protocols, not on packed schedules... it'll be you and your partner celebrating love on your favorite spot on Earth and a photographer capturing every detail.

2. BnB's with a different architecture are a beautiful option that can fit your style. Getting ready photos are part of the story, so why not make them in a unique place? These photos will connect you to how you felt in those moments before the ceremony.

3. You have the opportunity to explore epic locations, where you will enjoy the beautiful views nature have to offer.

4. You can still enjoy those small details from a big wedding. Flowers, a cake, or a book of promises will make your day colorful, pleasant and full of emotion.

5. Adventure elopements focus their attention on you. These allows you to do the things you like and have a perfect day and night 😉

How do you imagine your wedding day?


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