GIF Videos

"A new way to remember your love story"

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What´s a GIF Video?

A GIF Video consists of multiple GIFS and normal photos to create a combination between a typical wedding video and a slideshow. 


To make a GIF into a GIF Video, we take 25-40 individual GIFS from your wedding and edit them into a complete video with music and your vows or love letters to each other.

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What's Included:

- 1 full video 3 - 5 mins depends on the song

- Each of the GIF individually so you are able to save and share on social media.

- More photos for your gallery

Why we love GIF Videos?

- It's a different way to tell your story

- Same kind of editing so you’ll get a video that has the same tone as your photos


- EXTRA GIFs and photos for your gallery

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Let's tell your story in an original,
memorable way.